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Week Eleven to Thirteen: Drywall and Siding

Our new house is looking a lot more finished now thanks to all of the great work that has been done in the last 3 weeks.

Week 11: Drywall is hung throughout the house

Week 12: Drywall seams are taped and mudded with joint compound, on the outside grading is done

Week 13: Interior walls are primed, concrete sidewalk poured, siding/fascia/soffit installed, retaining walls are put in.

The exterior of the house stayed the same for several weeks. The Tyrek House Wrap does its job, but it is time to change it up.

When the vinyl sidings are installed, we were both excited to see how well the black windows contrast with the white boards. The crew worked very fast and they were done with all 4 sides within a week.

The transformation in the living room is dramatic. In this picture, we can see the floor trusses, wiring, duct work and insulation, all of the mechanical stuff.

Once the drywall was up, the same space changed from a skeleton look to be more put-together. The space feels a lot brighter too.

The next step involves patching the seams. To make the surface smooth, a lot of sanding was required. Dust was everywhere. It is a very messy process, big thanks to the workers who made it happen. Also notice the knocked down ceiling.

After the walls were primed, cabinet makers came and started to install molding and trim. The space is looking better and better now.


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