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Week Four to Six: Framing Done

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

As summer is wrapping up in Minnesota, we took a break from updating the blog. The past few weekends were consumed by parties, state fair and lots of housework—we started to organize everything in our current house before listing it for sell in the fall. We still need to paint the deck, sand and paint the stairs, patch bathroom ceiling, mulch the yard, and most importantly, declutter...We’ve been making small changes slowly, and the house is already looking a lot better compared to a few weeks ago.

Our new construction on the other hand has gone through major changes. After 4 weeks, the framing is almost done. From building the first floor, adding the floor trusses, to the framing of second floor, internal walls, and finally the roof, every week there was exciting progress and the structure was completely built up in just a few weeks of time.

Walking inside the newly framed building, smelling the fresh scent of wood, while picturing how every space would look and function when it is all furnished, is an amazing experience. It is the joy of seeing something built from sketch and the excitement of anticipation. We don’t really know how the house will look in the end, but the framing stage added a few more details to our imagination, allowing us to experience the space in real life.

Day 10 of framing we were able to walk to second floor and see the nice view on top

Can you tell this window is an add-on? This room will have the best view in the entire house

Basement has sunlight come in with all the lookout windows

Carpenters were already 90% done with main level by day 5 of framing

2nd floor was mostly done by day 10 of framing


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