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Week One of Construction

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Although we have been living and breathing the new construction for months, it felt a lot more real when the construction actually took place. Before signing the contract with our builder, we weren't sure if we will have the details specified according to our needs and still be able to build within our desired budget. There are many unknowns in the planning phase that we have learned to hold our breath and patiently wait till the specifications are finalized to celebrate.

Before digging starts, DH hid a camera on the pine tree right next to the lot and has been diligently monitoring all the activities on site. Everyday there are noticeable changes being made. And things are definitely progressing.

Day 1: Excavation

Day 2: Inspection

Day 3: Footings

Day 4: Drain Tile

Day 5: Concrete Walls

Check out the time lapse here:

This week, we also had our first construction meeting with job supervisor. He had a list of questions to go through, mostly confirming our previous choices related to exterior design and windows. I like how thorough this build team is, they always follow up with us on important decisions and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Key items we discussed:

-Fireplace mantel would be 4'8" high, so the mounted TV would be at a comfortable level

-Plumbing fixture including shower head and fiberglass tub/shower need to be decided early

-Electrical walk-through is in a month, need to think about layout now

-Rain gutters can be put in later, it is a good idea to observe how rain flows before deciding where to put them. Rain diverter would be a good and economical alternative.

-Our job supervisor recommended that we reconsider dropping the mechanical room floor by 1 inch. We previously thought the floor drain would be sufficient in case any leakage happens, but by spending a few hundred $$ of lowering the floor, he suggested that this would provide extra protection, in case we decide to finish the basement in the future. Hmm...definitely something to think about.

Excavation started on a sunny July day

Foundation footings installed, the crew was waiting for the concrete forms to begin installation

Concrete poured, this will become our future basement


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