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Week Two: Foundation Completed

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

This week went by really fast. Over the weekend, workers came and removed the supporting frames from foundation wall. We were excited to see the concrete walls that will become our future foundation. We could kind of picture where each room will be and the entrance. On Monday, waterproofing and insulation were being completed, followed by drain tile and radon rocks, the next day excavator returned to backfill the soil. When that was completed, it was really fun to walk around and see how big the side yard and back yard are. The grading turns out to be a much better fit than we originally thought. If everything goes well, we may not need windows wells in our lookout basement. Cheers to that!

Aerial shot of the cul-de-sac and the terrain

Another Important milestone this week was we made our first visit to Design Gallery, a place where we pick out flooring and tiles. It is a much anticipated appointment because we need to decide all the flooring materials for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and tile for shower wall and floor and shelving. This is one of the biggest allowance item, so we were very careful about picking things with the best value. Although I have done some homework ahead of time, time just flew by in milliseconds and we had to trust our instant many times. We planned for a two-hour session but ended up staying for three hours. Without our designer‘s help it would probably be a very daunting task--there are simply too many things to consider, even little things like grout colors and tile finishes. We are going back tomorrow to look at the samples one more time. Just to be sure.


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